HyunA Looks Funky and Sexy for “Nylon”

HyunA Looks Funky and Sexy for “Nylon”

In a recent pictorial in fashion magazine ”Nylon,” HyunA flaunted her playful side.  To give life to the bubbly and lively sexy concept, HyunA displayed a kitsch fashion style combined with flaming red hair.  Appealing to a natural air, Hyuna was able to show a variety of expressions.

HyunA’s intense makeup made a strong impression.  Drawing out the outer corners of her eyes to exaggerate a droop and using thick eyeliner to deepen the eyes, also enhanced the look.  Though the makeup was thickly applied, it matched HyunA’s concept.

Pictorial viewers said: “It was a great pictorial to publish showing HyunA has a lot of provocative but cute charms.”  “With diverse styles and freely different, HyunA hit a lot of poses.  The funky but sexy pictorial is perfect.”



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