‘Gangnam Style’ in 4 Simple Steps

With his popularity roaring high at the moment, Psy shared a special image that pretty much sums up why Gangnam Style is such a hit in four steps.

On August 10, Psy posted on his me2day, “There are even things like this. Kekeke. I’m really thankful these days.”

Attached to his post was an image, presumably created by a fan, who took the highlights of the Gangnam Style music video and titled the image, ‘Gangnam Style: in 4 Simple Steps.’

The four images show what make up the Gangnam Style, such as the sunglasses, the cowboy, the horseback, and the finish. The creator also added a witty comment for step number four writing, “Bowtie optional, but highly recommended.”

Seeing the four simple steps needed to have the Gangnam Style, netizens commented, “I’m going to try this out,” “Gangnam Style spreads farther out into the world,” and “The picture even looks like Psy.”


Source : www.enewsworld.com


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